Fireye YZ300

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The Fireye Interlock Annunciator Modules provide increased interlock supervision capability of the BurnerLogix System. The Interlock Annunciator Modules connect to any YB110 (YB230) or ZB110 (ZB230) BurnerLogix chassis/amplifier by means of a cable.

By wiring any of twenty interlock switches into the Interlock Annunciator Module, the BurnerLogix display automatically acts as a "first-out" annunciator for those interlocks. In addition, a fuel selection circuit providing full annunciation even if two fuels are fired simultaneously is standard. The YZ300 (YZ320) is shipped with default messages associated with each set of terminals. The user has the ability to modigy these lockout messages in one of two ways:

  • Use the BLV512 or BLL510 display module to select a lockout alarm message for the individual terminals of the YZ300 (YZ320) from a library of available messages. Refer to Bulletins BL-1001 and/or BLZ-1001 for information regarding the operation of these controls.
  • Program a customized message (up to 40 characters in length) for the individual terminals of the YZ300 (YZ320) using a compatible PC with Windows based YZ300P Programming software, available from Fireye and the appropriate hardware.

The YZ300 (YZ320) Interlock Annunciator does not need to be connected to a BurnerLogix system to be custom programmed. Proper operation of the YZ300 (YZ320) requires a BurnerLogix YB110 (YB230) with an Engineering code of 3 or later or any ZB110 (ZB230) chassis/amplifier (Engineering codes are found after the date code, e.g. 0636-03).

The Interlock Annunciator Module does not interfere with the normal operation of the BurnerLogix System. It expands the message and diagnostic capability.

The wiring bases for the YZ300 (YZ320) measure 4 in. wide by 7 in. tall, consuming a minimum amount of cabinet space. The wiring bases contain a 24 position terminal block, each position clearly numbered and each terminal utilizing a clamping mechanism to assure a good mechanical connection.

The YZ300 (YZ320) Interlock Annunciator module provides operational information and reduces troubleshooting time and expense. It expands the standard display messages of the BurnerLogix to identify the specific limit in the operating control circuit (L1-3) or running interlock circuit (3-P) which caused the burner shutdown or lockout. For a detailed description of the BurnerLogix System, see Bulletins BL-1001 or BLZ-1001.


 YZ300 Manual