Protego DR/ES In-Line Detonation Flame Arrester for stable detonations and deflagrations in right angle design with shock absorber, unidirectional

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  • minimum number of FLAMEFILTER® discs due to the effective shock absorber
  • quick removal and installation of the complete PROTEGO® flame arrester unit and FLAMEFILTER® discs in the cage
  • due to modular design the FLAMEFILTER® discs can be individually replaced
  • the right angle design saves pipe elbows
  • extended application range for higher operating temperatures and pressures
  • minimum pressure loss and hence low operating and lifecycle cost
  • cost efficient spare parts

Function and Description

The PROTEGO® DR/ES in-line detonation flame arrester has been used for decades in industrial plant construction because its right angle design offers advantages towards maintenance and costs in comparison to most straight designs.

Once a detonation enters the device, energy is absorbed from the detonation shock wave by the integrated shock absorber (1) before the flame is extinguished in the narrow gaps of the FLAMEFILTER® (3).

The PROTEGO® flame arrester unit (2) consists of several FLAMEFILTER® discs and spacers firmly held in the FLAMEFILTER® cage (4). The gap size and number of FLAMEFILTER® discs are determined by the operating data of the mixture flowing in the line (explosion group, pressure, temperature). This device is approved for explosion groups from IIA to IIB3 (NEC group D to C MESG ≥ 0.65 mm).

The standard design is approved at an operating temperature up to +60°C / 140°F and an absolute operating pressure up to 1.2 bar / 17.4 psi. Devices with special approvals can be obtained for higher pressures and higher temperatures upon request.

Type-approved in accordance with the current ATEX Directive and EN ISO 16852 as well as other international standards.