Fireye Micro M UV Amplifier - MEUVS4

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3 Sec. FFRT MicroM Ultra-Violet Self-Check Amplifier

Purge Timings: 7, 30, 60 and 240 (4 minutes) Seconds

The Fireye MicroM Flame Safeguard controls are compact, modular burner management systems designed to provide automatic ignition and continuous flame monitoring for commercial sized heating and process burners firing any type of fuel. The MicroM is designed to be backward compatible with existing M-Series controls. The MicroM, through the use of micro-controller technology, incorporates "smart" diagnostic LED's, optional alphanumeric display (ED510), remote reset capability, and serial communications via Modbus or E500 Communication Interface. These options are available through plug-in option boards to the chassis. The optional ED510 display can be utilized to access burner hours and cycles, system hours, the last 6 lockouts with burner cycle time stamp and programmer configuration. The optional Modbus communications capability allows the integration of the MicroM control into upper level energy management/ data acquisition systems.

A complete MicroM system consists of the appropriate flame scanner/detector, plug-in amplifier and programmer modules connected into a standard chassis and wiring base. Interchangeable programmer and amplifier modules allow complete versatility when selecting control function, timing, and flame scanning method. Functions such as relight, two-stage capability, purge timing and pilot cutoff are determined by the programmer module. Type of flame scanner (UV, UV self check, infrared, flame rod, photocell, and cadmium cell) and Flame Failure Response Time (FFRT) are determined by the amplifier module. All amplifiers are available with flame failure response times of 0.8 seconds or 3 seconds nominal (4 seconds max.), and each provide a set of test jacks with a range of 0-10 VDC for the measurement of flame signal intensity.

Some programmer modules (MEP200 and MEP500 series) have dipswitches for selecting purge timing, pilot trial-for-ignition (PTFI) timing, recycle or non-recycle operation, prove air flow open at start, and post purge. Smart LED indicators on all of the programmer modules indicate the current operating status of the control and during a safety lockout, display the fault as a coded sequence, simplifying the troubleshooting of a shutdown. A "run-check" switch is provided on the MEP500 series programmers to assist in testing the size, position, and stability of the pilot. The MicroM control incorporates a safety checking circuit that is operative on each start. If flame (real or simulated) is detected prior to a start or during purge, the fuel valves will not be energized and the control will lockout.


MicroM Manual