Smar LD301M31I0006010/I1-w-Hff-AWs62AS6S6NNN

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Smar Remote Seal M3

LD301 - HART Pressure Transmitter is a complete line of level, differential, gage and absolute pressure transmitters. Models include flush diaphragm and sanitary flange for liquid level measurement, Hydrostatic Tank Gauging - HTG (model LD301T) and wetted parts in several materials for suiting process requirements. All models can be supplied with various remote seals. The CONF401 is a configuration interface developed for the LD301.

  • Update output current in 100 ms with 0.75 µA/bit resolution;
  • Improved performance due to dedicated math co-processor;
  • Multi-drop operation mode;
  • PID control function;
  • Supports DTM and EDDL;
  • Bi-directional flow measurement;
  • With FMEDA analysis and MTBF of 244 year


LD301 Manual