Fireye UV Amplifier - EUV1

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The Fireye Flame Amplifier Modules are used in conjunction with the appropriate flame scanner to provide flame scanning capability in the Flame-Monitor system. Fireye offers ultraviolet amplifiers (EUV1), self-check ultraviolet amplifiers (EUVS4), flame rectification amplifiers for use with flame rods and photocells (ERT1), and auto-check infrared amplifiers: E1R1 (standard model), E1R2 (high sensitivity model), and E1R3 (for solid fuels).

Self-checking ultra-violet scanners and amplifiers should be used in applications where burner firing operation is continuous or where the burner is on for long periods of time (e.g. 24 hours) without cycling.

The flame amplifier must be used with the appropriate flame scanners.

When replacing any flame scanner or amplifier, the burner should be cycled on and off several times to ensure proper operation.

Used With: UV1A, UV8A, UV2, 45UV3 and UV90


EUV1 Manual