Fireye Programmer - EP160

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10 & 15 Sec. TFI Non-Recycle, 30 Sec. Purge EP Programmer Module

The Fireye EP Programmer modules are used with the E100 and E110 Flame-Monitor controls. They provide start-up programming, safe-start-check, and flame monitoring supervision. They prove high-fire purge interlock (EP100 series only), low-fire start position and fuel valve end-switch safety checks. A running interlock circuit monitors the limit switches, air flow switches and fuel pressure switches.

The EP programmers de-energize all fuel valve circuits with 4 seconds (max.) following a flame failure (2 seconds for the EP165, EP166, EP265), or at the end of the pilot-trial-for ignition period if no flame is detected. A modulator motor circuit is provided (EP100 and EP200 series only). The programmers have a Check-Run switch to stop the control sequence to aid in the set-up and check out of the burner and its associated interlocks. The programmers store the burner cycles, hours and lockout history.

The EP programmers offer the following selectable unctinos: purge timing, prove the Running Interlock circuit is open at the start of the cycle, recycle or non-recycle operation (EP300 series only), intermittent or interrupted operation of terminal 6 (EP300 series only). The programmers include an RJ45 connector for the ED510 display module, and two RJ12 connectors for Modbus Communications.

 EP160 Manual