Fireye E110

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The E110 monitor is part of Fireye's Flame-Monitor Series Burner Control System, providing the proper burner sequencing, ignition and flame monitoring protection on automatically ignited oil, gas and combustion fuel burners. The E110 Flame Monitor uses the same wiring base as Fireye's D Series and C Series controls, so it is conveniently interchangeable with most models without rewiring.
The E110 can be used with various programmers, as well as ultraviolet, AUTOCHECK® infrared, photocell, flame rod, or self-check UV flame scanners. A complete Flame-Monitor control system consists of a chassis, display module, programmer, flame amplifier, flame scanner, and a wiring base.

  • Features remote reset, remote display, and remote data communications
  • Expanded annunciation of safety lockouts, and programmable safety interlock messages
  • Non-volatile memory holds the control status, even if a power failure occurs
  • Temperature Rating: -40° to 140°F (-40° to 60°C)
  • Supply voltage: 120 VAC


E110 Flame Monitor Product Manual